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How do ground screws work?

Ground screws work in a similar way to a concrete foundation, but they have a much quicker installation process. The ground is pre-drilled before the screw is applied. This makes the screws easier to attach, and will also move or break down any small to medium-sized rocks in the way. The installation machine is compact and will not damage grass or other surfaces. With high torque, it can also be installed during frosty conditions, perfect for projects you don’t want to put off until spring.

Stop Digging can install the foundation in a short period of time and with no need to wait for concrete to harden, you can start building as soon as the last screw has been placed. Stop Digging ground screws are innovative and cost-effective but are these the only reasons you should use them for your next project?

Are Ground Screws Best for Foundations?

Foundations are an essential part of any building, from small structures like sheds and fences to large-scale projects. Traditionally concrete has been the workhorse of the industry, taking on most of the work when it comes to keeping buildings structurally sound.

But things are starting to change. Ground screws, also known as helical screws, are becoming more and more popular as a more eco-friendly and climate-friendly, efficient alternative to concrete.

But what are ground screws? How do ground screws work? What are the benefits of using them compared to other alternative foundation solutions? Here is our guide to ground screws and why you should be using them.

What are ground screws?

Ground screws are a modern and cost-effective ground anchor for both small and large construction projects. They are helical screws made from galvanised steel and come in a variety of sizes and lengths. This means there is no area they don’t fit, and with lengths ranging from 865mm to 2500mm it is possible to create a stable foundation in most soil types and for most construction projects.

Here at Stop Digging, we have four different types of screws – the adapter, pipe, pillar and beam screws. These are not the simple earth anchors that you will find in a hardware shop and put in the ground yourself. We install the ground screws for you quickly and professionally, using our special machines, which means you can start building straight away. They also have a number of specially designed attachments for specific projects, like fences, flagpoles and solar panels to name a few.

Why should you use them?

Ground screws are:

  • Time-saving

With no waiting for materials to set, ground screws can be installed in a matter of hours and are ready for the next stage of construction. Also don’t forget that they don’t need any digging, meaning you don’t have to worry about disposing of soil or worry about the time it will take to excavate the site.

  • Flexible

With a variety of uses, there is not much that ground screws can’t be used for. A foundation using earth screws is suitable for patios, decking, garden rooms, SIPS extensions, carports, signs, fences, noise barriers, recycling storage sheds, bicycle storage, park benches, rubbish bins and much more. They are also great for sloped ground and conservation areas that are tricky for most other types of foundation.

  • Environmentally friendly

Ground screws are the climate-friendly option when it comes to foundations, compared to many other anchoring methods. Traditional cast concrete slabs contribute to 1000% more carbon dioxide emissions than our ground screws do. Concrete supports also emit 60% more carbon dioxide during manufacture. Also, they are very durable, meaning that sustainable building is possible. We offer a 25-year guarantee on all of our ground screws with a life expectancy of over 100 years and you can reuse and recycle when you no longer need your project.

If you are looking for the best foundation solution for your next construction project then consider ground screws. Our expert team can advise on how they can work for your project so please feel free to get in touch with us at:  SALES@STOPDIGGING.CO.UK or 020 3970 3979.