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A sloped ground can be viewed as a bit of a nightmare when it comes to landscaping or creating an outdoor space. While it may be difficult, sloped ground can actually lead to a beautiful and unique outdoor space, so don’t give up on it that easily.

The lines and aesthetically pleasing curves could give you a stunning space, with the right strategy and looking at the area creatively. But how can you practically do this on difficult terrain? You know you want to refresh and create a space that can be enjoyed but are not sure where to start.

Here are three of the best ways to start working with sloped ground in your garden.

Steps or Terrace
In order to create visual zones, terracing or steps is a great place to start in a sloping garden. We would recommend you be eco-friendly and look into using recycled materials to create your steps and terrace. There are some amazing examples of this online, especially using recycled building materials. Using steps and a terrace to draw the eye can create a great canvas for a variety of plants. Try and think about using different heights of flowers and shrubs in pots or beds to get a great visual impact. If your garden has a steep slope you may need to get a professional on board to move some dirt around.

Decking is a great option to give your garden some layers and also create a more usable outdoor space. You could even segment the space going up the slope and have different decking areas, such as a kids or workout space. With sloped ground, building decking can be a challenge though. That's where Stop Digging ground screws come in. They are available in different lengths, and so they can be installed in the ground to different heights so that when the decking is laid on top it will be level. This is a great option that opens up so many more opportunities for creating tailored areas without the backbreaking hard landscaping, and no moving tons of soil around.

Some people may think that a sloped ground will mean that it’s not possible to put up a garden building, to build a garage, garden room or pergola. That is where they are wrong. With ground anchors, you can easily erect a structure even on sloped ground. The depth of the screw can easily be adjusted to ensure that when they are installed that they are all level. This also ensures that any structure on top is also level, giving you the option for a variety of structures despite having sloped ground. Viewing a sloped garden as a creative challenge can result in a very satisfying and beautiful outdoor space. If you would like to learn more about how Stop Digging ground screws could work for you in your garden please feel free to contact us at: