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Why builders, landscapers and garden room installers should use ground screws in 2021

Are you a builder, landscaper or garden room company? Perhaps you have seen ground screws and find the concept interesting but haven’t tried them out yet?

In this article is going to explore;

Why ground screws will be increasingly popular in 2021

How they can benefit your business

As we wrap up the crazy year of 2020, most of us will be looking ahead and wondering how 2021 will pan out. If you are a builder or landscaper, there is a good chance your business actually had a successful year. With everyone spending much more time at home, there was an increasing need for garden offices, extensions, decking, patio’s etc

This trend will likely continue through 2021 and even beyond as many businesses are already considering working from home being the new normal.

One of the great benefits of ground screws is the amount of time that is saved using them. Each screw takes just minutes to install. If you compare that to digging foundations, making a concrete base and waiting for it to dry, this could take you a couple of days for a standard size garden room. Whereas with Stop Digging ground screws, we will be in and out within a few hours ready for the garden building to be placed on top. This allows you to take on more work with this extra time that you are saving.

As you will have noticed, people are becoming much more aware of the damage that is being done to the environment and are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The ground screws are a great way to do this and are a more environmentally friendly alternative to concrete. If you are able to offer this option to your customers, you may even win jobs from your competitors.

Also, businesses and particularly the public sector have targets to hit in this environmental area, by offering to build their projects on ground screws, it gives you an edge over your competitors.

Temporary structures

Just like 2020, in 2021 it will be another year of uncertainty. Therefore, many business and individuals will want temporary buildings and structures built. The great thing about ground screws, is they do not cause damage to the ground and they are reusable.

As you will know digging the foundations is a tough, messy job and hurts your back. At Stop Digging, we supply and install the ground screws with our specialist machinery, saving you all the hassle.

You may read this article and say that you don’t offer garden rooms, why would these screws be of use to you. They are certainly not only suitable for garden buildings. Have a look below at some other uses for our screws.

SIP Panel Extensions, timber framed houses, mobile homes, shipping containers, porta cabins, glamping pods, playground equipment, solar panels, signs, fencing, decking, pergolas, carports, sports equipment, site fencing, flag poles and much more


Ground screws are also known as ground anchors, screw piles, helical piles, earth screw, screw anchor, earth anchor.

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