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More and more of us are being affected by the effects of the global pandemic and the rising cost of living. So much so that many are looking at extra ways of making some income. But short of selling a kidney, how can you utilise what you already have to get some extra money to help make ends meet? 

As most financial advisors will tell you it can be useful to look at things you can utilise that you already own; what your material assets are. So have you thought about making some extra money from your property?

You may not realise the opportunities available to create an income from space you may not be using already. So here are 5 ways that you can make some extra income from your property easily.

1. Rent out your driveway/ parking space

Parking is at a premium, as any city dweller will tell you, and if you have a driveway then this could be a great way to earn some extra cash. You can rent out your garage or drive for an hour, day, week, or month. Parking spaces can be super popular, especially if you live near a station, stadium, airport, or hospital, or are in a central city environment. 

All you need to do is use one of the many websites to advertise your space and they do all of the hard work for you. Websites such as YourParkingSpace, JustPark, Park On My Drive , and ParkLet are all great and offer a wide range of timing options. You may want to build a protected area for the parking space with a Carport, here are some of our top tips on how to build a garage or carport for your driveway.  

2. Rent out storage space 

Do you have some extra space like a garage, attic, or room that could be used for storage? Then this could be hired out to someone who needs it. Storage space is something that most of us don’t realise we can use to make some extra cash. 

The site Storemates can connect members of your local community, and people that want to store things with hosts who have the space. If you are a host it costs nothing to list your storage, and then if someone rents the space they will take a percentage from each payment. 

3. Hire out the spare room as an office 

Many people are working flexibly or completely remotely now due to the effects of the pandemic on the workplace. However many do not have an office at home and are looking for a workspace that isn’t part of their living and relaxing environments. Creating an office that can be hired out for different time periods is another great way to use a spare room, garage, or attic space. 

4. Micro campsite 

If you have a large outdoor space you can make some money by turning it into a micro campsite. This is a great idea especially if your property is in a holiday location, or close to a tourist attraction. 

Using a platform like Campspace can make this process easy. It’s as easy as creating your listing, receiving bookings, and then welcoming guests. Make sure you think of facilities too that you can offer your guests, such as washing facilities and WCs. Ground screws are a great foundation solution for any structure that you need to put up for your guests. Look at Stop Diggings ground anchor solutions here

5. Garden room holiday let 

Either using your current garden room or building a new garden room on your property can create another avenue stream. It is worth checking planning restrictions in your area and how this affects the use of your garden room. If you are thinking of using a platform like Airbnb, they will have a helpful list of things to consider (like this one).  

Thinking creatively can help you to make the most of your property and the space you have to get a bit of extra income. If you would like more information on how to use Stop Digging ground screws to make more of your property get in contact with us here. Find out more about our range of ground screws, great for a wide range of projects.