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To protect your car from both the weather and potential burglary, a garage or a carport is a great option. The benefits of a garage are that it provides complete protection from the elements while a carport is an open and slightly cheaper option. In addition, a garage can be used for other purposes than just a safe car parking space. Why not use the garage as storage for garden tools and machines? The more ambitious DIY enthusiast can accommodate a workshop in a larger garage or maybe even a guest room.

Don’t forget the building permit!

Generally speaking, a building permit is required to build a garage, but different councils may apply different regulations and guidelines. We recommend you contact your local building authority to ensure you have a clear understanding of the regulations before you get started. After having obtained the building permit, you need to decide on the design. Size, number of doors, windows, insulation and type of timber are just a few features that must be decided before construction can start.

If you plan to build the garage yourself, there are some great options of prefabricated garages on the market. A prefabricated garage is generally a more expensive option compared to building it yourself with timber lengths, however it is also more time- and effort-efficient. Whatever you decide, there are always carpenters available if you encounter problems!

A stable foundation and a strong roof

A decent garage must have a well-anchored foundation. Typically, a concrete slab is used as foundation, and in order for the garage to handle all types of weather it is important that the foundation is firmly anchored into the ground. The impact of strong winds is often more severe than many people realise. With a stable foundation, you have a stable garage.

The roof is the part of the garage that has most exposure to the external elements. Rain and snow will challenge the strength of the roof; thus, you should not compromise the quality but instead make sure you have a solid roof that withstands both wet conditions and the weight of snow.

Other useful tips

  • In order to avoid using the garage door every time you enter the garage, you should install a door in a strategically chosen place.
  • Maximise your garage area! Take advantage of the walls for hanging tools and other instruments.
  • If you plan to store bicycles or lawn mowers in the garage, make sure to allow sufficient space to move them in and out of the garage.
  • Use only authorized electricians to install electricity in the garage.

Save time and money with Stop Digging

Using Stop Digging makes it both cheaper and simpler to build a garage. By using Stop Digging’s ground screws instead of concrete plinths to anchor the garage, you save significant time and effort.

Our powerful screws ensure that your garage is securely anchored even in strong winds and severe weather. In fact, the ground screws solution is more stable than concrete plinths and is much easier to install.

Stop Digging installs ground screws for a wide range of purposes and the installation is done by our certified installers located across the UK. The installation is fast and easy and provides the best conditions to get your building project started.