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There are many different options when it comes to materials for your projects. Whether you are constructing a garden room or a fence, traditionally concrete has been used in a majority of construction jobs to help keep these structures stable. But now there is a better way, and that way is ground screws. But what are ground screws for?  

 There are so many uses for Stop Digging ground screws. Ground screws are perfect for small jobs like signs, pergolas, fences or decking and then larger projects like houses, school buildings, home extensions, portable homes, site set up and much more. Have a browse through our portfolio with a sample of our projects  

  In this article, we will look at three reasons why you should be using ground screws instead of concrete, no matter what job you are doing.  

  1. Ground Screws save you time 

 Wouldn’t it be great in our work to be able to half the time, find a solution to get more jobs done, that is cost-effective and takes the aggravation out of jobs. In our busy lives, we don’t want to spend too long on a job, and we also need it to be as pain-free as possible!   

Stop Digging ground screws can help. Firstly it saves time. We all know that time equals money in this world, so this is good news all round. Secondly, it saves your back. A lifetime in construction helps us appreciate that protecting your back and health is a big priority.  

  How long does it take to dig out foundations and make a concrete base for a standard size garden room? Perhaps 2 days until it’s dry and ready to install the garden room? 

With Stop Digging screw piles this could just take half a day. Each screw takes just minutes to install, saving you valuable time and money.  

Digging is hard work, and you may need to hire labourers. Then having to wait for concrete to dry, weather conditions getting in the way delaying the job even further. With Stop Digging these problems won’t be an issue. We supply and install the screws, ready for the base and structure to be placed on top. No hauling heavy concrete around will mean your back will thank you. 

 Sounds great, but are ground screws expensive?  

 Well, that is where you will be surprised, the pricing is most likely less than you think. That is why so many builders and landscapers these days are scrapping the traditional method of concrete foundations and moving towards screw piles.  

   2. Ground Screws solve difficult construction issues 

 There are many obstacles that builders and landscapers face on the day to day running of jobs.  Finding a solution quickly is crucial if you want things to run smoothly. Ground anchors can provide brilliant solutions to some of the problems you face.  

 Here are just a few examples of what we mean:  

  • Conservation areas – Many conservation areas will simply not allow concrete to be used on them, or any damage sustained to the surrounding areas. Ground screws are perfect as they do not cause damage to the ground and surrounding areas, and they can be removed and recycled. They can even be used near tree roots as a workaround for TPO’s. Stop Digging Screw piles are widely regarded as a very localised, low impact option as the certified installer will use handheld portable equipment and a no-dig approach that ensures any damage to tree roots is heavily mitigated.  
  • Sloped ground – Ground screws are perfect for sloped ground as we have different length screws that we can install to match the gradient of the slope. No need to worry about structures sliding down the hill.  
  • Over water – Even if there is water, it is not a problem for our ground screws. They come in a variety of models with different brackets length and dimensions, so can adapt to a variety of ground conditions. We also have several special attachments for applications demanding a more tailored fit.  
  • Difficult to access areas – when customers have terrace houses or locations that are difficult to access, digging foundations and creating a concrete base can be a real issue. Where do you put the mud? It has to go somewhere. You either have to haul it through the house and risk messing up the place or get a crane to carry the skip over the house. No matter what the options are, it’s all just aggravation. But with Stop Digging ground screws there is no need for skips or any mess. We can bring handheld machinery if it is difficult to access the area, and there is no mess or damage as the ground anchors simply screw into the ground.  

     3.Ground Screws make you stand out from the crowd 

 You are working hard to provide a fantastic service for your customers, but you are not quite sure how to go the extra mile. We know that you want to stand out from your competitors and give them something to tell their friends about.    

  • You can offer them an environmentally friendly solution. 

More than ever people are trying to do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. Governments and companies also have strict deadlines to meet to reduce carbon emissions. Being able to offer them an option that is much better for the environment than using concrete will give you the edge over your competitors. Stop Digging ground screws offer up to 50% fewer carbon emissions than equivalent concrete support with the same or better results.  

  • You can offer to complete their job in less time than their competitors.  

Time is so important to customers. It also makes business sense for you to make time-effective choices. Not waiting for concrete to set will ensure a faster finish time and a happy customer.  

  • You can offer the least disruption to their garden.  

When a construction project is going on, it can lead to a mess and be massively disruptive. With ground screws, you can guarantee your customer that their garden will not be damaged during the works. 

  When customers are comparing companies they are always looking for someone who is efficient, that makes principled decisions, and who is going to provide the service with the least disruption to their lives. With Stop Digging ground screws you will be able to offer all of these perks and make sure you beat the competition.  

To summarise there are three main reasons why Stop Digging ground screws are the best option for your projects:  

  1. They can save you time, money and work 
  1. They can solve tricky construction issues  
  1. They make you stand out from your competitors  

We also offer a 25-year guarantee on our screws that will really give you peace of mind in their strength. However the duration of them is much much longer, this is just the guarantee period. Contact us if you have questions, would like advice on possible solutions, or to receive a quote and book an installation. 

Have a look at our online price calculator to get an estimate of how much your job might cost.