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With the restrictions slowly being eased around the UK, the number of families and couples looking to get away and see something other than their home furniture is about the skyrocket!


Social distancing is a term we have all become ever so familiar with throughout the last year. Although we certainly have a glimpse of hope that all restrictions might be lifted at the end of June, we do not know if this will materialise.


How can your business be prepared if social distancing is here for the long run as many global leaders suggest it might be.


Many who own or run campsites, pubs and hotels are now reopening and preparing for the influx.


In this article we will look into a few ways in which your business will thrive this year with the use of our ground screw (otherwise known as ground anchor, ground pin, screw pile, screw anchor) and how it would be a better, faster and ultimately cheaper option for your hospitality revamp!





Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or just a drink on the deck, watching the clouds go by as you tuck into your Grub, there’s nothing like it!


This is what you want your guests to be feeling, but could social distancing get in the way of accommodating everyone?


Do you have an unused area that could be given an upgrade?


It could be a carpark, Garden or even just some unused land, why not consider adding a decking area so your customers can sit outside.. You could make these areas extra appealing by adding plants, hanging baskets and don’t forget the patio heaters for when those chilly evenings.


The thought sounds great, but the process may be off putting. There can be a lot of work involved in transforming an unused area, digging the ground out for the foundations, leveling the surface and not to mention the mess!


This is where groundscrews come in to play!


There is no need to dig, you simply screw into the ground and attach the framework, No mess, no hassle and it can all be done in a matter of hours!


Children playgrounds



Now the weather is getting better and days are becoming longer, is it time to get out in the garden?


You may not feel comfortable returning to normality, so what better way to entertain your children than getting a playground.


It is always nice to have somewhere where the children can go and burn off that energy but it’s not always convenient to overturn your garden and have it as a complete mess for a couple of days whilst the foundation is being laid and set, not to mention the permanence of it, once you have laid cement for a solid foundation or installed cement piles, it is there to stay.


Our ground screws do not damage the existing area, they are quick to install and are cheaper than cement, whilst being completely temporary!


Once your children are grown up or have outgrown their playground, you can just unscrew them from the ground and continue as before.


Bicycle stands



When lockdown ends, many people will be wanting to shift that extra lockdown blues weight


 (I know I will), the cars will be replaced by many bicycles!


Do you have a space for them to lock their chariots up?


If you don’t, this could be a potential turn away for the customer, after a long bike ride the one thing most people are looking for is some refreshment. Do you have a large park or a land border that you are not using for anything in particular?


Make the most of it, if you install bicycle stands along those areas, you could attract all those who are looking for that needed refreshment!


But do you want to wait and dig up your neatly paved or tarmacked ground?


I’m guessing not!


With Stop Digging Ground screws there is no need to dig up any surface areas, we simply drill a neat pilot hole and with our specialist equipment, screw into the ground.


Garden Pergola



It’s nice to have somewhere to go and and sit with your friends or family for a drink, but this may not be a reality for a little while. Hopefully June will bring us good news but that will not necessarily mean that all the public will immediately feel comfortable returning to normality.  The garden Pergola could be the solution for any pub or hotel looking to get ahead of the competition and cater to the needs of everyone! Not to mention, they look great!


I have seen a few restaurants and pubs have been installing temporary huts for guests to dine in.




If you have a large garden or some extra ground on your premises, what is stopping you upgrading and adapting to the new clientele?


Could it be that you do not want to permanently change your business if only there was a temporary solution….


With the ground screw, you won’t have to wait around for days for it to be installed, no dirty messed up garden, no endless amounts of back and forth, the ground screw is a simple and cost effective solution and is completely reversible, no permanent structure if you longer have a need or want for it!


That’s all great but is the ground screw expensive?


Surprisingly, most people find that using these ground screws is cheaper than the labour and material cost of digging foundations and creating a concrete base!


The whole process is much quicker than creating a concrete base so time is also saved.


Use our online calculator to get a guide price for your project