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Whether you are a home builder or homeowner, getting a project completed on time can be one of the frustrations for both sides of the project. Material shortages, complications on-site and long processes can cause projects to progress at a much slower pace than you would want. 

We know that delays can cause a lot of stress and here at Stop Digging we have learnt ways to speed up the building progress. Here are our top five tips to speed up your house project: 

  • Have a realistic schedule 

A lot comes down to having a sound plan in the beginning. Rather than over-promise and under-deliver, ensure that all parties are aware of the realities of the build from the start of the project. Plan in some buffer time for material delays and construction issues, think about the stages of the build and the potential time-wasters. If you can plan for the worst then as the build progresses you can rearrange stages if needed and keep things moving. 

  • Good communication is key

While a good plan and schedule are great, making sure everything is aware and sticks to it is all down to the communication between the different parties. All involved in the project need to have good communication and be honest about where they are and what roadblocks they are facing. So not only the client and the project manager but also between the manager and the contractors on site. If you have a good level of communication then projects generally run smoother and even if delays and issues come up they can be resolved in a calm efficient way. 

  • Use great quality materials

Using good quality materials can ensure that there are fewer breakages on-site, that materials work well together and the site will never be held back from moving onto the next stage of the build by less than great materials. It can be tempting to cut some corners when it comes to materials, especially if you are on a tight budget. But it really won’t save any money when you have to replace them or pay a contractor more hours to work with them. So include it in your budget from the very beginning. 

  • Use pre-built materials

Pre-built materials have become more and more popular over recent years, mainly due to their versatility, low cost and speed. SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) are very easy to use and can construct even large structures. This doesn’t make them less strong than traditional techniques, with them being able to withstand even strong British winds and rain. You can also use time-saving foundation processes, such as ground screws instead of concrete. This means that you will save on the construction and also the set-up phase of the build. Compared to concrete you don’t need to wait for the ground to be prepared or for materials to set, ensuring that your foundation is ready to go when you need it. 

  • Slimline processes

It can be helpful to look into the processes that are used on-site and see how they can be more efficient. For example, are the contractors using concrete in the project? Could they use ground screws instead to lay the foundation? By making these kinds of process adjustments that may seem small, it all adds up to taking a significant amount of time off the stages of the build. 

If you would like to know how Stop Digging ground screws could help your building project go quicker then feel free to contact us on: SALES@STOPDIGGING.CO.UK or 020 3970 3979