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It’s that time of year when we are all starting to work out ways to utilise the extra space we have in our gardens. Maybe you are looking forward to entertaining your family and friends with some outdoor gatherings and parties, but are not sure if your gardens are up to scratch. 

If you are looking for some inspiring D-I-Y patios or decks we have collected some ideas you can take it into consideration when designing your outdoor space. With Stop Digging ground screws you can create beautiful outdoor spaces without having the time constraint, environmental effect or mess of concrete. 

Here are six of our most recent favourite design ideas for your garden patio or deck:

Designer – Mary Barensfield

1.Think about levels. 

Even if you have a small space you can use levels to create more bang for your buck. Think about using the different levels to create depth and interest with different plants and also hard landscaping. You could even create different seating features when you look at the levels, drawing your eyes up the layers. 

Source – Old brand New

2. Cover the space.

When creating an outdoor area it can be useful to think of shade from the elements to make it useable as much as possible, especially if you want it to be an entertaining space. Creating a roof and walls also gives you more space to decorate and experiment with foliage as with this fantastic example. Using natural fibres can also integrate your space into the garden. 

Designer – David Godshall

3. Play with materials 

A patio or deck doesn’t have to look like the normal wood effect that most people go for. Play around with tile and stone like this outdoor space designed by David Godshall. Colour really pops in the green surroundings and this feature of leading stones takes your eye into the welcoming space.

Designer – Arant&Pyke

4. Don’t be afraid of small spaces 

Even if you have a small urban garden you can use it to the full by creating a breakfast nook with furniture and built-in seating. Using the walls as a backdrop for climbing plants and vines you can create a calm space, that is super inviting for a cosy meal for two. 

Source – Unknown

5. Incorporate a water feature 

What is great about decking material is that it is easily customisable to frame any features that you would like to highlight. This is done to a fantastic level in this example garden, with parts of the decking area highlighting water features and creating a brand new eco-system. Water is a great way to have calm even in an inner-city garden. 

Designer- Oliver Rutman

6. Think about seating features

Seating doesn’t have to be soft furnishings in a garden entertaining space. Using hard materials like bricks and reclaimed wood can really catch the attention of your guests when you invite them for the first summer party. 

If you would like more information on how Stop Digging ground screws can help you get the most from your garden and decking this year please feel free to get in contact with us at: SALES@STOPDIGGING.CO.UK or 020 3970 3979