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A holiday park in the South West of England 

The task .. 

To provide foundations for holiday homes on an expanding holiday park.   

The clients wanted the Fishermen’s pods to nestle into the bank and hang over the water in order for the guests to be able to fish straight from their decking.  An access walkway would run behind the pods, along the steep bank. 


The challenges  

The ground consisted of a deep, thick clay, perfect for the creation of a lake.  However, this meant there were some construction challenges that needed to be overcome. 

After preliminary site testing and structural engineer design the SGC range of screws were selected, some of them up to 2.5 meters long.  They could reach deeper ground, where the conditions were more suitable for achieving the load values required.  

Furthermore, the site was extremely muddy and presented many practical issues. In many areas the soft clay surface was several feet deep, which meant that vehicles and plant were often unable to access these areas. Accordingly, moving materials to the site areas was a long and arduous process but well worth it when you see the end result.

The obstacles the screws overcame 

Concrete was not appropriate as foundations for these pods. The screws are far more suitable and safer to install in these conditions, as well as achieving results above and beyond the requirements.  The screws were installed in a fraction of the time with the pods being constructed immediately.    

Using handheld equipment, the screws could comfortably be installed wherever they needed to be, which would have been problematic with larger plant due to the ground and access.  Even on the steep slope the walkway screws were comfortably installed without any disruption or damage.   

The result 

An amazing new holiday park is being created on a multi acre site, landscaped with many lakes generously stocked with fish.  The Fishermen’s Pods, are detached buildings built at the edge of the lakes, installed on Stop Digging ground screws. Anglers can fish directly off their own deck whilst enjoying all the creature comforts provided within the pod itself. 

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