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Spring is the season that everyone with green fingers starts to get impatient to get the garden sorted. Longer days and warmer temperatures start to coax the first new green shoots out of the ground and the spring flowers make everything seem better after a dark winter. It’s important to start getting your garden ready now before planting a few weeks before anything goes in the ground.

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed looking at your neglected garden? Do you not know where to start? Choose a dry weekend and enjoy being out in the fresh air, as you follow our stress-free spring checklist for your garden: 

✔️Tidy up 

There can be a lot of debris after the storms over winter. Dead leaves, broken branches and straggly bits and pieces. To start off it’s good to just see what you have to work with, so grab the rake and composting bin and have a tidy up. This will give you a much clearer idea of the work you need to accomplish before your garden is summer-ready. 

✔️Sort out the grass 

Giving your grass and lawn some TLC can really improve what can look a little brown and ignored. It’s a good idea to aerate if you have had a lot of rainfall over winter. This prevents the ground from becoming waterlogged and is easy to do with a garden fork. Every few steps spike the ground, and that will help it to dry out. Also rake the moss from the grass, which will encourage growth. You can also feed your grass with lawn fertiliser to give it a boost of spring nutrients. 

✔️Prune trees and shrubs 

Mediterranean shrubs like Lavender and Rosemary benefit from a spring prune. Also, any flowering shrubs that flower in summer, like Buddleia and Fushia. Having a good sharp pair of secateurs and gloves will help you with this job, and the plants will look much better after a haircut. 

✔️Plant green bulbs 

You might think that you have missed the boat when it comes to planting bulbs, but don’t worry! If you didn’t get around to it last year, you can buy green bulbs from any good garden centre. They are ready to go straight in the ground and give you the spring flowers you are after. 


Every gardener’s favourite job. Weeding is necessary to give your plants the sunlight, water and nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. Spring is a good time to do this as they will come out of the soil much easier when it is still moist before the summer gives you hard ground. 

✔️Feed the beds/ get a compost going 

Investing in the quality of your soil will help your garden year-round. Clearing the area of any debris and weeds will give you a great foundation to then feed your soil to encourage all the new things growing now. Everything organic that you have cleared off the garden so far is great for the compost heap. If you don’t have your own compost yet, have you thought about starting one? First of all, make sure it’s all chopped small so it will decompose easily. Adding old compost will help activate the process, and make sure it’s slightly moist. Turning regularly will push oxygen through. 

✔️Get the propagation ready 

If you want to propagate and have some plant babies, mid-spring is a good time after the last frost. Softwood plants are great to take cuttings from in spring. These are plants like Hydrangea, Fuschia, Clematis and Roses.  

✔️Dust off the garden furniture 

Spring is a good time to check your furniture, so that it is still in good condition and ready to be used when the weather gets warmer. Depending on whether you have space to store them inside will often make a difference on how long garden furniture lasts.

✔️Give tools TLC 

With your tools being stored for most of the winter, give them some attention and make sure they are oiled and cleaned ready for heavier use in the summer. Give the larger tools a brush off to loosen any hard dirt and rinse down with the hose. Scrub smaller tools with soapy water. Make sure they are all dried properly with a rag. If you do want to oil your tools then using a natural oil like linseed will stop any corrosion. 

✔️Invest in a garden room 

If you want to enjoy the space in your garden even more, this spring may be the time to invest in a garden room. A fantastic way to add more rooms to your property and with a huge variety of uses, garden rooms can be built to a variety of specifications such as a beautiful relaxing space, work from home office or playroom for the kids.  Using Stop Digging ground screws to create the foundation for your room, saves you time, money and won’t damage your garden in any way.

✔️Sort out any fencing 

Spring is also a good time to check that all your fencing panels have made it through winter. Storms with high winds can cause damage, and now is the time to be thinking about replacing any that are broken before the growing plants obstruct it, or you cause damage to the plants around it. Use Stop Digging’s ground screws when anchoring your fence. Instead of digging up the entire garden and putting down concrete plinths, you can use our ground screws to ensure a stable foundation. We also have screws for all different types of soil conditions and construction. 

If you would like more information of how Stop Digging ground screws can help you get the most from your garden this year please feel free to get in contact with us at: SALES@STOPDIGGING.CO.UK or 020 3970 3979