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Making decisions when it comes to materials for your building projects can sometimes be difficult. Weighing up different factors like the method of construction, budget and logistics can often seem like a bit of an uphill battle. What is going to work best for you when it comes to function and also your budget? 

Let us take some of the hard work out of deciding what foundation would work best for your extension, garden room, pergola or fence. Traditionally concrete would be used as a foundation material for all of these projects, but is it still the best option? 

Ground screws, also known as ground anchors or helical screws, are becoming more and more popular as a foundation alternative to concrete. But what are the differences? And which comes out on top when they are compared? 

Here is our guide to concrete vs ground screws, and just to spoil the surprise . . . ground screw foundations win every time. Don’t take our word for it though, let’s look at three areas and compare which material works better when it comes to:

  • Time 
  • Logistics 
  • Sustainability 


Saving time is key when it comes to construction projects. In our busy lives, we don’t want things to take too long, and for them to be as painless as possible. 

Concrete can take a long time to prepare for and then also lay as a foundation for a building project. Firstly, preparing the area and digging can be labour and also time intensive. To dig out foundations and make a concrete base for a standard-size garden room can take up to 2 or 3 days to be ready to continue with the project.

Ground screw foundations on the other hand do not destroy the surrounding soil as concrete does. They also can be installed within minutes by qualified fitters in all sorts of weather. Even in the winter, you don’t need to wait for the soil to defrost as ground screws can be installed in frozen soil. Light, durable and fast-to-install ground screws are the best alternative to time-intensive concrete. 


It can be difficult when you want to build on a difficult piece of land. Maybe the ground is sloped or the soil is very rocky. Many think that these difficult terrains mean that it’s not possible to possible to build a garden building, garage, pergola or other building. While this may be true with concrete, it’s not the end of the story. With Stop Digging ground screws you can easily build even on sloped ground. 

The way the screws work is that the length can be adjusted to ensure that when they are installed the foundation is level. Then when the building is placed on top it is also level no matter what the ground looks like. 

Ground screws can also be installed in rocky ground. Our expert professional fitters have the equipment needed to navigate difficult soil. We always pre-drill a test hole before installing the ground screws. Smaller rocks are pushed away by the pre-drilling, and medium-sized rocks get broken down. We have different solutions depending on the situation that arises. Our authorised fitters receive thorough training and have vast experience in solving such problems.


Concrete is known for contributing to the growing concern over climate change and the impact that the construction industry is making. Concrete is still the most common foundation solution, but production alone generates around 2.5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year—about 8% of the global total.

Concrete is necessary in the construction of, for example, multi-storey buildings and industrial buildings due to their size. However, many people use concrete unnecessarily when it comes to anchoring smaller projects such as holiday homes, garden rooms, balconies and fences. Concrete is neither the most environmentally friendly nor the most cost-effective alternative for such projects.

Ground screws emit 60% less CO2 than concrete, and are reusable and recyclable. This makes them the best environmentally friendly foundation option for smaller projects like the ones mentioned above.

Fast, stylish, light, cheap, durable, climate-smart – the advantages of the ground screw are endless! In all three areas we have seen today that when it comes to time, logistics and environmental impact, ground screws are the best foundation available.  

Stop Digging’s ground screws are not the same as the earth anchors from the local DIY store that you attach to the ground yourself, our ground screws are mounted with special machines by professional fitters. This ensures your project stability and also longevity. If you would like to talk to our team about your project today then get in touch with us at: SALES@STOPDIGGING.CO.UK or 020 3970 3979