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Timber frame construction has started to become more popular recently as people look into the options for constructing their own projects. Timber frame construction is a method of construction that uses prefabricated timber studs and rails to create a structural frame which then can be used as the foundation for many buildings.

Timber frame projects work really well with ground screws, and here at Stop Digging we have worked on many projects over the last few years and we have seen first-hand the advantages of using this method. Here are a few of the benefits we have found with timber frame construction.


Sustainable is becoming much more than an “it” word recently with most designs being looked at with a more sustainable outlook. Timber is recognised as the only renewable construction material and because of that is being considered more and more for projects. Not only is the material itself sustainable but it is also energy efficient as a natural insulator.

Timber frame construction can also use ground screws as the foundation support. Stop Digging ground screws emit up to 60% less CO2 than traditional concrete plinths and are also recyclable. Thinking sustainably from the bottom up in the project can have a real impact long term.


It is on average 30% quicker to build with timber than typical bricks and mortar. It can be made watertight in a much quicker time than a traditional build, which has a big impact on the flow and speed of the build. A quicker turnaround means you can take on more jobs, and essentially earn more money, which is always an advantage.

Not as weather dependant

As mentioned, timber frame buildings can be made watertight quickly and can easily be erected in bad weather. Assembling bricks is massively reliant on having good weather and can have an impact on the further stages of the build. This is an important benefit especially in temperamental weather conditions like here in the Uk.

Flexible specifications & Innovative design

The more flexible the material the more interesting designs can be created using the material. Take a look at some of the projects we have worked on at Stop Digging to see the variety of designs and specifications here.

Less reliant on specific wet trades

With the skills shortage we are seeing here in the UK being at the forefront of many construction owners’ minds, having projects where you don’t have to rely so much on certain trades is a massive benefit.

Timber frame construction popularity doesn’t look like it is waning, for good reason. If you want a quick, inventive and sustainable build then go for a timber frame project. If you would like to see how Stop Digging ground screws could work with your construction project then please feel free to get in touch at:  SALES@STOPDIGGING.CO.UK or 020 3970 3979