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Construction accounts for a large part of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. This has led to the statement that the UK construction sector should decarbonise more urgently in line with the national emission reduction targets of 68% by 2030 and 78% by 2035. In the construction sector, this will be an opportunity to produce more climate-smart production of materials. But it also creates opportunities to replace non-sustainable alternatives with more sustainable building materials. Increased material recycling will also be important and something that must be taken into account in the planning of the construction project.


Today, concrete production accounts for a large part of the construction industry’s impact on the environment. It is important to have a stable foundation for a construction project, but casting or digging concrete plinths in the ground is both time-consuming and tiring. In addition, it has a large impact on the environment.

A ground screw works better than a concrete plinth and can withstand heavy loads, and emits 60% less carbon dioxide during production and its use. There are several reasons for this. The screw itself is climate-smart, but it is also the installation of the ground screw that is gentle on the environment, which makes the construction of the building itself gentle on the ground. The screw leaves minimal damage when it is time to remove it. This means that the ground screw is also suitable for temporary buildings and projects that would otherwise leave a big impression.


Stop Digging has created the ground screw with the environment in mind. We have invested in developing a quality product where our company and our installation process are ISO certified. In addition, our ground screws are adapted to our Nordic climate in terms of surface coating and wall thickness. The screws are made of steel and covered with a thinner layer of zinc but are also hot-dip galvanized and rigorously tested. We have developed specifications regarding compression, tensile and horizontal load and we can provide a guarantee of at least 25 years, which makes the ground screw a sustainable building material and a long-term investment.


Our environment and ground screws go together as they can be recycled and reused. Instead of visiting suppliers within the construction trade and ordering concrete plinths or cement mills, you can contact us at Stop Digging. We develop an optimal solution for a foundation and install our ground screws at your project site with specialist machinery. This means you can immediately start building on a stable foundation with a positive focus on the environment. The ground screw is also easy to reuse for other projects. The removal itself is an uncomplicated process, that above all does not leave any noticeable traces in the soil. The screw does not destroy the surrounding nature in a way that digging and installing concrete would 


The professional construction site becomes more efficient with ground screws, as you save both time and money. The ground screws are easy to install and remove/re-use without damaging the ground. They are therefore excellent for temporary projects such as festivals, sporting events and fencing. The ground screw is thus a sustainable building material for various construction projects that causes minimal damage to the environment.


Using the ground screw for private projects such as building a wooden deck, a fence or larger buildings such as storage, conservatories or garden rooms is also a sustainable solution with the environment and building materials in mind. A solid foundation is achieved with the use of ground screws, which you can then build on with the use of timber beams in the screw brackets. You can start assembling the project on the same day as we have installed the screws in the ground.

Ground screws are effective in that they are available in different models depending on what you are going to build, the idea is that they should fit all kinds of ground types and projects. When building your own project, it is an excellent solution as the ground screw is a cost-effective and sustainable building material. It also has a long warranty, as the ground screw can withstand being in the ground for several decades. Your outdoor environment remains intact and you do not have to dig up the garden, which negatively affects the environment.


The ground screw has become an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete plinths when you are building a foundation for a slightly simpler project. The fact that no time-consuming excavation or casting of concrete plinths is required and that the work goes faster are obvious advantages. Installing an individual screw usually takes no more than five minutes. The screw will also be at least as stable as the concrete plinth. As the ground screw is adapted to our Nordic climate, it is also frost-proof, and you can install it in the ground even when it is cold outside.


Being able to recycle building materials is becoming increasingly important, and as mentioned, is one of the goals of a fossil-free Sweden. The ground screw is as easy to recycle as metal, which you can do at recycling stations. By recycling metal, you save energy. Compare that to traditional concrete plinths which are more difficult to recycle and emit about 60% more carbon dioxide.