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A cosy corner to have breakfast or a cup of tea. Or an oasis of plants, vegetables and pots. Balconies appeal to many, but building one involves significant costs. Over time, however, it is often a really worthwhile investment that gives a lot of enjoyment in return. Below, we provide tips and advice for anyone who wants to make their balcony dream a reality.

Adding a balcony to your dwelling boosts both the quality and the value of your home. It is a big decision, however, that requires careful planning.

Planning and research

It is expensive to both install a new balcony and to make a hole in the facade for the balcony door. It may possibly involve having to move the heating radiators. For those reasons, most balconies cost more than SEK 100,000, a cost that must be borne by the person who lives in the apartment. Even though the investment is large, the majority of people still think it is worthwhile as they often get double in return when selling the apartment. The best is if you have the opportunity to build a balcony in a sun facing position – which may increase the value of the apartment by 10-15 percent. There are many hurdles to pass in order to build a balcony. If you live in a condominium, you need approvals from both the management and from the local building authority before any construction work can begin. In making their decision, the building authorities will consider the height and size of the balcony and any potential for invasion of neighbours’ privacy. They will also look at the safety of the structure and evaluate if it can take the intended load. The condo board will consider cost allocation (if many or all apartments are to be fitted with balconies) and propose how to handle future maintenance costs. If you live in an apartment building under body corporate arrangements, it’s a smart idea to come together with several other apartment owners and jointly run the project. It will be both cheaper and easier to plan.

Tips and ideas

  • A balcony can increase the value of an apartment by 5–15 percent.
  • Under a body corporate arrangement (condominium), it’s often economically beneficial to jointly run a project for all balconies that are being built.
  • Plan ahead. The time it takes to obtain approvals and to build can be significant.
  • Generally speaking, the future maintenance of the balconies is a cost for the body corporate, thus the body corporate fees may be impacted.

We can help you!

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