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The trend of exercising continues. The gym is full of happy exercisers who come once a week, or people who train every day. What many people lack in a gym is sometimes the opportunity to train spontaneously and to be outdoors. The solution to this is to build an outdoor gym in the garden.


Building your own outdoor gym may feel like a large and advanced project that requires a lot of digging, lots of concrete to stabilize the equipment – and above all expensive costs. But with the help of a ground screw, you do not need to dig or use concrete. You only need to book  an installer from Stop Digging who comes to your home and anchors the ground screws.


The first step is to choose a good spot in your garden. If you use a ground screw, you are not so dependent on where the base itself is located, because our ground screws can be used in most soils. You also do not have to dig up large stones or anything else that is in the way. Make a drawing of where you want to place your outdoor gym. Decide what equipment you want and what materials you want to use. Measure carefully so that you get a sense of what the gym will look like and how much space it will take up. If you plan well, you can use minimal equipment for many types of exercise.

You do not need a special outdoor training surface, but grass will wear out and it will easily become slippery and earthy. You can either lay gravel, place the gym on asphalt or perhaps lay tiles where you stand when using the gym equipment.

Remember not to place the gym too close to trees and shrubs as they grow over the years and may be in the way of future training.


When you are going to build an outdoor gym at home, you do not need all the exercise machines that are in a regular gym. Use what nature has to offer and construct a gym from coarse timber, metal pipes and other wooden materials. It gives you the same training as expensive gear. You can readily buy most exercise equipment made of metal, but keep in mind that they rust over time. If you choose treated wood instead, you can make equipment that is both durable and environmentally friendly. They also blend better into the environment.

The foundation for the outdoor gym should be solid posts that must of course be grounded. If you choose to build an outdoor gym with a ground screw, you get a smooth anchorage without destroying your garden. The damage is minimal because the fitter first pre-drills and then installs the ground screw based on your drawing. No heavy machinery or equipment needs to be used. However, it is important that you have a clear idea of ​​what your outdoor gym should look like so that the ground screw is placed in the right location. If you want to build your gym on asphalt, there are no problems. The ground screw also attaches through asphalt.


To give you some inspiration when it comes to different training equipment that you can build, we have given some examples. But keep in mind that whatever you build, you must make sure that the equipment is well anchored for it to be a safe gym to use.


You can create a smart training tool for dips with the help of two logs. Set them relatively tight and drill holes at the same height in each log. If you drill several holes at different heights, the whole family can train to lift their own weight. The poles are then easy to move.


Here, too, it is logs that work. Attach a tube between the logs that you use to lift them. The rear end of the logs is then attached to two standing posts using a pipe. The tube goes through the lifting poles and the standing pillars like a hinge. Build a wooden stand that they rest on when not in use, which is about 30-40 cm high. Make a wooden reclining plate in front. You can also use the logs for squats if you drill holes higher up on the posts where the logs are attached.


Make a square frame at the top of four posts. Use metal pipes that you thread into pre-drilled holes between the upper logs in the frame so that it becomes like a horizontal ladder. You can also attach hoists and ropes with weights to the frame to be able to train to lift. If you have children, it is also a perfect frame to hang a couple of swings in.


Attach a wider board either to the frame to the monkey bar or make a similar position as to the bench press where you can vary the height to be able to do sit-ups sat at different angles. If you make a stand with different heights, you can also use it for back lifting.


Build a staircase of logs to train your legs. If you want to combine the training equipment, you can use it with a board and get a good position for sit-ups.


If you spend a little extra time on the planning, it is easy to make an exercise track that you can use for training or just for the children to have some fun. Build a larger frame and hang climbing ropes, Roman rings, make ladders and attach other training equipment to it, which can also function as a circular gym. It will be a compact gym but with many different functions.


Building an outdoor gym with ground screws also gives you the opportunity to expand your gym at any time because you do not have to worry about having to dig large holes and install concrete supports.  Mark out where you want to build your new training equipment and contact us at Stop Digging to book an installer. By using a ground screw, you not only get a solid anchorage, you also get the flexibility to change, replace implements or add a few more to your outdoor gym.


When you use ground screws to anchor, you can start building your gym as soon as the ground screw is in place. No waiting time for the concrete to dry and no wasted effort on digging. You simply attach your posts to the brackets on the ground screw and then just build.

The advantage of using a ground screw is not only that it is easy to build your outdoor gym. If you ever get tired of it, or maybe move, it is easy to dismantle with minimal damage to your garden.