Sustainable Builds in Surrey is a construction company with a mission: To promote and prove
that cost-effective, durable and aesthetically-pleasing sustainable building is possible. Not only
possible but the best option for construction moving forward.

The company, founded by Ross Clode, recently developed a prototype sustainable hybrid
structure in under 6 months from scratch. Amongst other sustainable materials, they used Stop
Digging ground screws to attach the structure to the ground. We caught up with Ross to find out
more about the project.

Ross and his team wanted to see if a Sustainable Building could provide form and function
whilst being economically viable. They also decided to utilise a combination of old and new
technology to produce a unique hybrid build.

The team at SB wanted this case study to be accessible and relevant to as wide a
demographic as possible. The buildings showcased in the television programme ‘Grand
Designs’ can be an interesting watch but they felt a more down to earth approach was best.
They believed that if they could prove Sustainable Construction is commercially viable other
building companies will follow.

Whilst looking at a potential case study they decided a combined Home Office and
Garage/Workshop would fit the bill, especially relevant with so many people working from home
during the Covid Pandemic. The beauty of this building is that at its end of life (Estimated
building lifespan minimum 50 to 60 years), or earlier if required, it can be removed easily with
minimum environmental impact on the area it was erected. Furthermore, over 95% of the
materials that are used in the build can be reused or recycled leaving a minimal carbon

Each part of the build was researched and developed from a sustainable viewpoint. Endless
research and refinement took place to produce what they believe is a unique, sustainable
structure. This building is sustainable from its Concrete Free ground anchors, to its Final Finish
CO2 Absorbing, Air Purifying Home Office Paint.

The three main areas where sustainable design was implemented are:
1) Concrete Free Ground Anchor Foundations. With Stop Digging ground screws they found a
sustainable foundation solution that was also quicker and more cost-effective than conventional
concrete footings.

3) Hybrid Eco Timber Modules. A fusion of old school Douglas Fir and a High-Performance Eco
Sarking panel form this quick and cost-effective Sustainable Modular Construction Technique.

3) Eco-friendly Plaster Board, Plaster and CO2 Absorbing Air Purifying Home Office Paint.
Looking at the result we are sure you agree it is an amazing structure that fulfilled every
requirement Ross and his team had.

If you would like to talk to us about how to make your build more sustainable with our concrete
free ground screws, then please get in touch at:- or 020 3970 3979