Ground Screws for Garden Projects

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Foundational Solutions for Every Idea

Welcome to a world where every corner of your garden tells a story – a place where dreams take shape and needs are met. Imagine a morning under the wooden beams of a pergola, where the day’s first light filters through its foliage. Next to you, a pool deck beckons with cool dips during warm summer days. Around the corner, a sturdy carport protects your car, and a practical shed hides garden tools and essentials. Your home expands with a charming guest house or functional workspace firmly founded on our ground screws. Here, in your own oasis, you can live your dreams year-round in a garden that is not only beautiful to look at, but also practical and sustainable. Welcome to your future garden.

If you are going to build with studs and supporting lines, our beam screw is your best friend. SGU ensures that your wooden deck stands stable for several generations.

Purposeful Outbuildings with Ground Screw

Outbuildings like guest houses or workspaces are excellent ways to extend your living space and add value to your property. For these buildings to be both functional and sustainable, a solid and reliable foundation is required. Our ground screws offer an ideal solution for these projects by providing a stable foundation without the need for excavation.

A Reliable Foundation for Your Projects

With ground screws, you avoid the time-consuming and often expensive work of digging and pouring concrete. The installation is quick and clean, causing minimal disturbance in your garden. This is especially important for outbuildings, where you want to preserve the surroundings’ aesthetics and functionality.

Adaptability for Every Project

The ground screws are adaptable to different types of soil and load requirements, ensuring that your outbuilding rests on a secure and sustainable foundation. This flexibility makes them an excellent solution for various projects, from guest houses to home offices, allowing you to create the extra space you need.

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Carports and Sheds: Practical Solutions with Ground Screws

From large to small – most things can be attached to the ground screw

When it comes to creating functional spaces like carports and sheds on your property, a stable and durable foundation is of utmost importance. Our ground screws offer an ideal solution for both these needs, allowing you to efficiently build secure and robust constructions for your vehicles and storage needs.

Benefits of Ground Screws for Carport and Shed

A carport protects your vehicles from the elements, and by using a ground screw as a foundation, you can quickly and easily establish a strong and durable carport. Similarly, ground screws provide a perfect foundation for building a shed. Whether you need extra space for garden tools, sports equipment, or other storage, they allow you to create a secure and protected space.

Combining a carport and shed is a smart solution to maximize the use of your property. With ground screws, these constructions can often be erected side by side, creating a unified and aesthetically pleasing design. This combination is not only practical, but also saves time and money as the foundation for both projects can be installed simultaneously.

Preserving the Garden

Ground screws minimise ground disturbance and preserve the natural beauty of your garden, while offering a quick and sustainable solution for your building projects. This approach is particularly beneficial where space is limited, or you want to preserve as much of the garden’s natural environment as possible.

Overall, the use of ground screws for carports and sheds provides an efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing solution that protects your belongings and enhances the value of your property.

“We are happy to have discovered ground screws as an alternative for house foundations. Stopdigging’s auger gave us the freedom to lift our round house just enough off the ground to create the feeling of a floating house.” Aulis Lundell Oy, Finland

Our adapter screw SGC solves the heavy jobs, a single screw can handle up to 10 tons of load.

Decking on Ground Screws

A deck is more than just an extension of your home; it’s a place for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoying the outdoors. Building your deck begins with a solid and durable foundation, and here our ground screws come into play as an ideal solution. With ground screws, you avoid the time-consuming and labour intensive need to dig and pour concrete footings. Instead, the ground screws are quickly and easily screwed directly into the ground, providing an immediate and stable foundation for your deck.

Quick and Sustainable Foundation

Ground screws are not only timesaving, they are also environmentally friendly. They minimise disturbance to your garden and surrounding landscape, which is a significant advantage over traditional methods. This method is particularly beneficial in locations with difficult terrain or sensitive ecosystems. Additionally, since ground screws can be unscrewed and reused, they offer a flexible solution if you ever decide to change or move your deck.

In summary, our ground screws provide a quick, sustainable, and environmentally friendly foundation for your deck, allowing you to focus on design and construction without worrying about the foundation.

Pergola and Pool Deck: A Beautiful and Functional Solution on Ground Screws

Building a pergola or a pool deck is a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor environment, and with our ground screws, you can build in a stable and sustainable way. A pergola offers a charming place for relaxation and protection from the sun, while a pool deck provides elegant and safe surroundings for your pool. Combining these two elements can create an oasis in your garden, perfect for entertainment and relaxation.

Lasting Functionality

Our ground screws provide a robust foundation for both pergola and pool deck. With their help, you can build a pergola that is not only beautiful to look at but also strong enough to withstand the weather year after year. The same principle applies to your pool deck, where the ground screws ensure a stable and durable construction.

Combining Beauty and Functionality

Combining the pergola with the pool deck is a practical and aesthetic solution. The pergola can offer shade near the pool, creating a cohesive and inviting outdoor space. This type of design is not only functional but also an attractive addition to your garden, increasing both enjoyment and the value of your property.

Quick and Efficient Installation

The installation of ground screws for these projects is quick and efficient, minimising disturbances in your garden. This allows you to quickly enjoy your new outdoor space without the long wait times and extensive work often associated with traditional foundation methods.

Ultimately, the use of ground screws for your pergola and pool deck provides a combination of beauty, functionality, and sustainability, making your garden a perfect place for both relaxation and entertainment.

Our post screw SGS sensures that your posts stand straight and withstand loads from wind and snow.

Stable and Discreet Fencing with Ground Screws

Creating a private space in your garden or on your property is not just about aesthetics but also about function and sustainability. With our ground screws, you can easily erect fences or privacy screens that not only provide the privacy you desire but also stand stable and withstand the test of time. Our ground screws provide a robust and reliable foundation for your fence without the need for digging or disruptive ground works.

Gentle Installation

The installation of the ground screws is quick and efficient, meaning you can have your privacy screen in place much faster than with traditional methods. Additionally, you reduce the risk of damage to surrounding vegetation and landscape, which is especially valuable in garden projects where every square metre counts.

Private Space with Function and Style

With ground screws as a foundation, you get a fence that is not only visually appealing but also functional and durable, ensuring that your private space remains secluded and secure year after year.

Ground Screws for Hot Tub and Spa on Decking

Ground screws offer exceptional load-bearing capacity, which is crucial for supporting the weight of a hot tub or spa. They are designed to handle heavy loads, which is especially important as the water in these pools can weigh several hundred kilograms.

High Load-Bearing Capacity for Water Weight

To ensure a safe and stable foundation for your hot tub or spa, ground screws are an optimal choice. Their ability to evenly distribute weight and provide strong support is critical for these types of constructions.

Durable and Reliable Solution

Ground screws provide a long-lasting and reliable foundation for your decking, making them an ideal solution for supporting heavier constructions, like hot tubs and spas, while offering easy installation and minimal environmental impact.